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What Can We Do For You?

We’d love to be able to do everything for you. But to be honest, we can’t do everything. But nobody else comes close to what we actually do. Because XXL CONSOLIDATION is unique.

We consolidate large items

You want to ship something. It is too big for a container. A flat rack would be half-empty – which would make the consignment excessively expensive. Excessively and unnecessarily. Because we consolidate large items. Figuratively speaking: we fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

You save

The advantage? It’s obvious: without consolidation you pay for the entire flat rack, regardless of how much space your goods actually take up. If you let us do the jigsaw puzzle, you only pay for the space that you actually occupy – and therefore save a lot of money.

You help

Moving towards sustainability is imperative. Also in transportation for big machinery or any large cargo item to be shipped. By using our service you actively help to contribute to reduce CO2 emission and save up to 25 % CO2 emission compared to when using single FCL services.

We bear the risk

So where is the catch? There isn’t one. At worst, it might take us a couple of days to find the right piece of the puzzle. But that is an exception – because we lead the field when it comes to large piece jigsaw puzzles. Why not try us out?

Pricing / Rates

Lanes and Restrictions

From Hamburg, Germany to


Country: China (CN)
SubDivision: Shanghai
Place of Delivery: Shanghai (CNSHA)
Port of Discharge: Shanghai (CNSHA)

Country Restriction List

Shanghai – CNSHA

IMO cargo is still possible to Shanghai! But only Imo classes 3, 8, 9. Imo classes 2, 4, 5 and 6 are prohibited presently.
Vessel’s voyage number and consignee’s tel/fax no. must be mentioned in the B/L.
 All transhipment/oncarriage cargo must be customs cleared by consignee at Shanghai.
MSDS and dangerous goods declaration is needed in advance.


  • Fumigation required.
  • Dangerous goods for transshipments via Shanghai only upon request.
  • All transshipments destinations tel/fax number of consignee must be mentioned in the B/L.
  • All transshipment destinations are applicable to heavy lift and overlength charges.
  • Actual cargo markings must match with the cargo markings on the B/L.
  • Implementation of Chinese Advanced Manifest System (filing):
  • Chinese customs regulation of early presentation of the manifest is now applied. Chinese Customs has made it mandatory for carriers to present their complete cargo manifests 24 hours before arrival of the vessel in the port of loading. For this reason our shipping instruction (manifest) to the carrier is required 72 hours before arrival of the vessel in the port of loading. Chinese Customs informed the carriers that timely presentation of the instructions will be strictly controlled – meaning no instructions /no load. In order to comply to these regulations, please make sure to send us your shipping instructions no later than mentioned on our booking confirmation, otherwise we have no other alternative than to transfer your shipment to the next sailing. Please make sure that all B/L data received from you is correct and complete.
    Any amendment of these, after submitting the datas to the shipping line, will cause charges for you. For this particular case Chinese Customs Authorities do not consider Hong Kong and Macau as Chinese ports.
  • For all ports alcohol only on request.
  • Please note that with immediate effect the following information must be shown on B/l:
    Shipper: VAT number, contact person, phone number
    Cnee: USCI (Unified Social Credit Identifier) or OC (Organization Code), contact person, phone number, mail address
    In case we don’t get these information this may cause severe customs problems.
  • Please note that in case cnee will not pick up goods at final destination cargo has to be returned to origin. Our agent is no longer able to arrange disposal of goods due to new customs regulations.
    All charges will be on shippers account.

Ship departures



XXL Consolidation GmbH
Auf der Hohen Schaar 3
21107 Hamburg


Phone: +49 711 184 29 – 280


Country: India (IN)
SubDivision: Maharashtra
Place of Delivery: Nhava Sheva (INNSA)
Port of Discharge: Nhava Sheva (INNSA)

Country Restriction List


Due to the new Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulation 2019 of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs for all vessels arriving Indian ports from 1st Aug’19 onwards it is mandatory that the 6-digit H.S.Code with clear cargo description is mentioned on the B/L!

– Fumigation is required
– Alll HBL must mention the I.E.C. Code (Import Export Code) of the Indian consignee.
– All HBL must mention the GST identification No. (GSTIN) of importer.
– All HBL must mention Consignees official E-Mail id.
– Personal Effects possible to selected direct ports and if, will incur extra charges.
– For all oncarriages/DAP deliveries: all cargo must be customs cleared by consignee at port of entry first.

Ship departures



XXL Consolidation GmbH
Auf der Hohen Schaar 3
21107 Hamburg


Phone: +49 711 184 29 – 280

United Arab Emirates
Jebel Ali Port

Express B/L allowed (except ETADD Original B/L)
Freight collect allowed
Consignee’s e-mail address mandatory
HS code (8 digits) in B/L mandatory
Dangerous cargoes: No storage free time

IMDG classes 2, 4 and 5 strictly prohibited in transhipment, local Dubai/Jebel Ali and Sharjah on request only.

Ship departures



XXL Consolidation GmbH
Auf der Hohen Schaar 3
21107 Hamburg


Phone: +49 711 184 29 – 280

Cut offs and Closings


Our offer is based on current market rates and the information we receive from you at the time of booking and placing a firm order with us.

We operate exclusively in accordance with the Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen 2017 (“ADSp 2017”) (German Freight Forwarders’ General Terms and Conditions 2017). Pursuant to clause 23 of ADSp 2017, liability for loss and damage of goods, which is limited under Section 431 of the German Commercial Code (HGB) to 8.33 Special Drawing Rights per kilogram (SDR/kg), is further limited to the higher of EUR 1 Million and 2 SDR/kg per claim provided that all claims per event are limited to the higher of EUR 2 Million and 2 SDR/kg; and where multimodal transport with sea carriage is involved to 2 SDR/kg.

As our liability is limited as per above, we recommend to you to cover the risk beyond by a transport insurance. is able to offer this to you but will only cover an insurance for you when ordered in written way explicitly after you have received an indivual transport insurance offer from us.

Please note, that we are offering a LCL consolidated service. Cargo is stuffed together with other cargo on Flatracks, Open Top Containers or RoRo Mafis. It is XXL’s obligation how to arrange the cargo on the flatrack or mafi trailer in consideration of the other cargo mix and in terms of load security and approval from carrier and ship planner.

Consolidated cargo is always deconsolidated in a bonded area. Before sending with us pls check with consignee if he is able to clear the goods at destination. A normal standard customs clearance at destination for consolidated good is no issue, but if special requirements from consignee apply you need to check first before using our service. We are not liable for any damage, loss or delay due to problems in customs clearance at destination. Local charges to be charged depending on Incoterm agreed between shipper and consignee. Storage charges and all local charges need tob e paid in advance bevor cargo can be released to consignee.

Given transit dates and service times are “estimated” times and are not mandatory and are subject to change without notice through XXL or the carrier.

All bookings are subject to final acceptance and approval through ocean carrier, ship planner and their loading staff.

  • we consider your cargo to be seaworthy packed in wooden boxes with sufficient and marked lashing points
  • Cargo exceeding following dimensions/pieceweights
    L x W x H in cms / weight in kgs 800 x 350 x 350 cms / 15.000 kgs including seaworthy packing needs additional approval from
    Please note: higher dims/weights are always possible but we need your help to check a secure loading first. Therefore pls send us a separate request on this.

  • in case cargo has not enough lashing points cargo cannot be secured or loaded
  • Cargo needs to have the center of gravity (COG) in the center of all sides, top and bottom
  • COG needs to be lower than 195 cm. In case of higher COGs you need to inform us and you will need our approval first.
  • IMO Cargo not accepted only when checked approved by XXL
  • Cargo will not be tarped unless you insist to tarp your cargo piece on the Flatrack / Container
  • In case of exhibition cargo pls always consider the risk of consolidated cargo in case of customs stop,
  • is not resposible for any delays due to decline of cargo by carrier, vessel schedule changes, vessel routing changes or cargo rejection by carrier or customs authorithies at origin or destination
  • Cargo booked with us we consider as forkliftable. In case only crane handling is possible or any other special treatment is necessary, you need to tell us before booking in order to enable us to check the adequate loading equipment.
  • Free time for your cargo at CFS at POL is 3 days prior XXL Consol closing date mentioned in schedule. Cargo cut off times are announced from XXL.
  • Cargo which is delivered later can not be shipped on the booked vessel and might cause dead freight as listed below
  • If cargo …
  1. …does not arrive in time / until deadline
  2. …is cancelled from you on short notice or
  3. …documentation is missing before doc deadline or
  4. …dims/weights/center of gravity differ from the booking you placed with XXL or
  5. …lashing options are not sufficient to secure cargo on flatrack or
  6. …center of gravity is not in the center and maybe space was confirmed and reserved by
    XXL Consol for you,

then we have to charge you according to following cancellation clause/deadfreight policies

5 days before cargo cut off:        33% of agreed freight amount incl. local charges in case FCA/EXW

3 days before cargo cut off:        66% of agreed freight amount incl. local charges in case FCA/EXW

1 days before cargo cut off:        100% of agreed freight amount incl. local charges in case FCA/EXW

Any additional charges that occur due to wrong information given from you to us needs to be charged on your account (e.g. additional crane unloading)

By placing an order with us you accept above conditions.

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